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Program Details

Are you interested in becoming a Real Estate Professional, not just a “real estate hustler” but rather a Licensed Real estate Professional who understands the Language, Principles and Techniques of real estate, Government’s Role in Real Estate Professional code of conduct and ethics, Communication and Language proficiency, Understanding & Classifying Contracts, Banking &  Real  Estate plus electives that contributes to building a strong real estate Industry? Fabulous Homes International First School of Real Estate is now accepting the next batch of Real Estate Professionals in training.Candidates must successfully complete a 75-hour salesperson’s pre-license course, pass a final exam with a score of 75% or higher, and be at least 18 years old and a high school graduate or General Education equivalent.International Licensed Real Estate Broker, will provide you with the required in-class hours as well as prepare you for the final exam.

Curriculum & Additional Courses

Here is an outline of courses that will be done over the course of 3 months & additional elective courses that can be done at an additional cost.

Core Courses

Property Nature, Characteristic and Value

Agency and Brokerage Relations

Strategic Management (Rules and Regulations for managing your Firm)

Math Review

Types and Concept of Property Ownership

Understanding and Classifying Contracts

Marketing Management

First Practical

Transfer and Conveyance

Understanding Leases and Property Management and Community Association Management

Ethics in Real Estate

Second Practical

Government’s Role in Real Estate

Appraisals and Valuation Methods

The Art of Negotiation

Final Exam

Banking and Real Estate

Handling Objectives

Additional Elective Courses

Competitive Strategy

Code of Conduct

Social Media and Electronic Marketing


Value Investment

Consumer Behaviour

Financial Statement Analysis



VC and Entrepreneurial Finance

Marketing Research

Navigating the Global Real Estate Multiple Listing System

Customer Relations Management

Pricing Strategy

Additional Guyana Courses

Guyana Legal Environment

Globalization of Guyanese Companies

Guyana Economic Reform and Its Impact

Valuation and Investment in Guyana

Alliances and Joint Ventures

Emerging Market Finance

The Rise of Guyana as an Economic Powerhouse in the Emerging Caribbean and Latin America Region

Meet Your Professor

“JUST BELIEVE and you are halfway there” It‟s only fitting that Atlanta visionary entrepreneur Dr. Hc Karis Munroe‟s life philosophy reflects a supernatural power of these words and actions. Dr. Hc Karis‟s uncompromising business savvy as founder of Fabulous Homes International and fortitude as the Creator behind the Caribbean First Multiple Listing System (International Listing Repository, Software and a MLS Web Application that Integrates on any web platform) to service a dire need of 39 Million people in the Caribbean with nearly twenty thousand agencies, whose current Real practices is likened to the United States in the late 1800‟s is proof of her visionary capabilities. Dr. Hc Karis is ahead of the curve and at the forefront of this Real estate Tech revolution of the 21st Century in this Emerging Real Estate Market of the Caribbean and Latin America that is projected to generate more than 50 Billion in Revenue by 2030.

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Student Highlights & Testimonials

Program Requirements


Be at least 18 years of age


Be a high school graduate or the holder of a General certificate of equivalency


Successfully complete Salesperson Pre-license Course of at least 75 hours and achieve a score of 75% on the school final exam


Obtain a Police report (criminal background check) through a local police department no more than 60 days prior to picking up license.

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Course Pricing

Here's a breakdown of our in-class course pricing, refund policy and payment plan option.

Refund Policy

No refunds will be issued once a student has attended any in-class session. No refunds are available for online classes. Guyana First School of Real Estate retains a $95U.S administrative fee, for any refund paid prior to attending the first class of the course.

Course Cost

$100,000/499USD Which includes your Text book and Curriculum. Business Registration & GRA Licensing Fees are Separate.

Payment Plan

Our in-class course can be paid for in two(2) installments of $50,000 GYD per month before the final exam is written.

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